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Incestuous Mother

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January 18 2009
Posted by rapeman  [ 19:06 ]

Megan continued to suck my cock and I looked up to see Robyn on top of John riding his dick hard, John was sucking her tits and Emily was fingering both John and Robyn's assholes. I knew I wasn't going to last long with Megan sucking the life out of my cock, so I pulled her pretty head off of me and got down to taste her sweet pussy. Pulling off her thong I got a good look at my sisters shaved pussy. It was glistening as I flickered my tongue on her sweet clit. She was a tasty treat and I started to fuck her pussy with my long tongue. Scatincest Simpsons Incest
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Posted by rapeman  [ 18:49 ]

Sara took Mike's hand that was massaging her tit and guided it down to her snatch. He groped around awkwardly, unsure of what to do. Sara took one of his fingers and parted her pussy lips with it. Then she guided it up to her clit and rubbed it for a while. Her hips swayed back and forth while she did this, giving me a wonderful show. She let go of Mike's hand, letting him continue as she closed her eyes. My cock was aching as I watched Mike's finger spreading her slit, exposing her opening to me. I wanted to plant my long hard cock deep in that sweet young pussy, and it took all the self control I could muster to remain in my chair.

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January 17 2009
Posted by rapeman  [ 19:24 ]

So I climbed over and kissed her pussy then her belly button tasting her salty sweat, then her tits and then her mouth, as I slid my cock into her she made a moaning noise that sound very nice. I started stroking into her as she wrapped her legs around mine as I fucked her for old glory. It was the best sex I had ever had. Finally let loose, cumming along with her as she called out my name over and over and again I hoped that the neighbors couldn't hear.

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Posted by rapeman  [ 19:01 ]

Janet screamed as she came again. Jake saw her in the mirror. His tits swayed and bounced rhythmically. She caught his eye in the mirror and licked her lips. She saw her son reach for her ass. Surprised she felt him insert a moistened finger in her ass. Gleefully she wiggled, accepting him.

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Posted by rapeman  [ 18:47 ]

"Oooooooo it...doitdoitdoitdoit...fuck me...fuck mommy, Oh GOD FUCK ME HARD!!!" Mom was screaming and she came again while I slammed my shaft into her. My balls were contracting, ready to shoot into her, but when I felt that I slowed down and didn't fuck her as deep. I only went back to slamming her pussy when I'd come back from the edge.

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January 16 2009
Posted by rapeman  [ 19:09 ]

I woke up the next morning to the feeling of Stacy sucking on my hard cock. My head was spinning. Surely I was dreaming, I thought. Did I really fuck my little step-sister last night? I looked down to see her hot little mouth bobbing up and down on my hard cock. She looked up, making eye contact with me, and simply winked. Her lips stayed wrapped around my cock and she sucked me in deeper.

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Posted by rapeman  [ 18:53 ]

I kept it up stroking her clit, squeezing her tits and gently rubbing her clit. I also kept up my whispering. Telling her how much she was loving this. And how good it felt to be getting fuck by her own son who loved her so much. And how good it would be if she would just make this dream come true.

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Posted by rapeman  [ 18:45 ]

I sucked her clit into my mouth, feeling it get harder as I licked it. Marie started to moan louder and I looked up to see her grasp both of her tits in her hands, pulling at her nipples.

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January 15 2009
Posted by rapeman  [ 19:05 ]

''I want you mom, please give it to me,'' I pleaded. Her sexy body rose up and she set her wet pussy over my cock and slowly descended. I wanted to explode again as she eased herself onto my penis. ''Is this what you want,'' she moaned. ''Oh yes mom don't stop, please!'' I yelled. I embraced her as she rode my rock hard rod and kissed her hard. My cock began to convulse and so did my mom and we reached a magnificent orgasm. After that I think we passed out because I awoke later that night outside with my mother, naked still on my cock and asleep. It was the best thing that I had ever done and I would see to it that I took care of her forever.

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Posted by rapeman  [ 18:47 ]

Wearing my mom's things was a major turn on. Knowing my Mom was bisexual was even better. Thinking that she wanted to fuck me sent me over. I came. My load filled her panties and soiled through her gown. I opened my eyes to see the scene fade to black. I knew I had to fast forward the tape to the place I started at, but I just had to see what was next.

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Posted by rapeman  [ 18:45 ]

She turned around, lying down on me. My prick was now showing some signs of softening. Sue kissed me warmly, put her hand down between her legs reaching my cock which she stroke a few times. I couldn't believe it, but it started to get harder again. At least it was hard enough for Sue to be able to show it into her warm and wet love-hole.

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January 14 2009
Posted by rapeman  [ 18:59 ]

I was still in the midst of my orgasm when Don's hot cum landed on me. Not only did it feel hot on my skin but the fact that it was my brother's cum made me all the hotter. Hotter than any girl should feel about her brother. I immediately took my fingers and used it as lubricant as I continued to massage my clit.

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